Reeds & Reedmaking for the Modern Bassoon

Rick Yoder, Proprietor

The Reeds:


To Order:

Please use the Contact page to place your order. I will reply with the total cost, including shipping, and a request for payment. I prefer PayPal, but I also accept checks. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with this method, as it will accept credit or debit card payments.

I currently offer three models of reeds: Model K, Model B and Model L. If you like, you can specify which model you would like to order. For more information about these models, please look at my Reedmaking - Models page. You can also tell me about your bassoon, your crook, your level of experience, and the type of music you are playing, so that I can choose reed models that I think will work well for you. I enjoy and encourage personal consultation. If you are in the London area, you can use the Contact page to schedule a visit to the Reed Shack so that we can assess what sort of reeds would best suit you.

For some general advice about reeds, please see my Reed Tips page.

Bassoon reeds